Fair Tea

Malawi Origin Tea

Tiyi brings Africa all the way to you. This fair tea is not like any other tea. You can really taste the passion that our local farmers put into it. Tongo, Zula and Lulu are three hardworking and indigenous tribes that go to the fullest every single day to make mind-blowing tea just for you. Each with its own character and unique blend.

Fair Tea

Our hard-working locals deserve to be paid fair for all the work and love that they put into the Tiyi tea. We offer good conditions to work in, they provide us an extremely tasteful cup of tea. The strong and rich flavors make you believe that you’re in Africa yourself.

tiyi fair tea

Nice to know: part of the proceeds from the first 2000 packs of tea go straight to the charity of de Fietsvedetjes. In 2020 the cycling club will visit Sakaramenta and different schools in Malawi and give them a chance at a better life.

You can give these kids a brighter future just by drinking pure Tiyi tea. Not bad at all, right?